MAPS Application Process

Admission to the MAPS program is the first step in an intense journey of formation that requires embracing the four dimensions of ministerial formation (intellectual, pastoral, spiritual and human).  While the MAPS program focuses primarily on the intellectual dimension, the candidate for the MAPS is expected to actively seek to develop along the human, pastoral and spiritual dimensions. Therefore, MAPS students begin by documenting their ministerial goals and developing a plan for supervised pastoral service.  These goals and plans are part of the application process and are monitored and reviewed during the MAPS formation process.  To enter into the MAPS process is to embrace the challenge to enhance their service to the Church and integrate their ministry across all of the four dimensions.

Before beginning an application, please review information and requirements in the:


A transcript must be sent from the college or university where you received your highest degree.  Only the one transcript from your highest degree earned is required.  Transcripts must be sent DIRECTLY from the college or university to the Director of Admissions – MAPS Program, The Pontifical College Josephinum.  Colleges and Universities routinely share transcripts electronically.


References must be mailed directly to the Josephinum Diaconate Institute.  Please ask your references to send their reference letter to the following address:
Josephinum Diaconate Institute – MAPS Program
Deacon Roger Carrier
The Pontifical College Josephinum
7625 North High Street
Columbus OH 43235-1499
United States

References may be emailed to:

Online application:
To start an online application, click the application form link:

Start an MAPS Application Form

The application form has a number of sections and may be completed in multiple sessions.  To work on the form or complete the form, click the “Save and Return Later” link before exiting from the form.  You will be asked to create a password and a link will be sent to your email that will allow you to resume your application. Do not click the Start an Application link to continue an in-process application.