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Executive Director

Father Louis V. Iasiello, OFM, PhD
Executive Director


Resident Theologian

Father Russel Murray, OFM, PhD, STL
Resident Theologian


Associate Director

Deacon Roger Carrier
Associate Director


Operations Director

Deacon Mark Miller
Operations Director



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The Josephinum Diaconate Institute     Verbum – Liturgia – Caritas

Core Curriculum

The Josephinum Diaconate Institute Curriculum

A Distance Learning Diaconal Formation Program Model

Developed by the Josephinum Diaconate Institute

 Please note that this model is a draft of the program that individual dioceses or eparchies might develop for their students.  The JDI staff will work with each deacon director to define details and ensure that required classes are offered in the desired semester.

Full Core Curriculum – English Currículo Básico-Español
The Institute’s Degree and Certificate Programs Sample of Online Course Offerings  Elective Core Offerings Available Upon Request All Programs Are Customizable  
A/A Introduction to Catholicism (2 Credits)
A/B The Call, Mission, and Spirituality of the Permanent Deacon (2)
A/BDivine Revelation: Dei Verbum and the Word of God (2)
A/CPhilosophy for Understanding Theology (2)
A/CPastoral Ministry to the Hispanic/Latino Community (1)
A/CSupervised Pastoral Ministry (1 or 2) (Elective) 

All Course Offerings are 2 Credit Hours

A/B Divine Revelation: Dei Verbum and the Word of God
1/A The Pentateuch and Historical Books: An Introduction to the Old Testament
1/CThe Prophets 
2/AThe Synoptics and the Acts of the Apostles: An Introduction to the New Testament
2/CJohannine Literature: The Gospel, Letters, and the Book of Revelation
3/APauline Literature and the Letter to the Hebrews
4/AWisdom Literature and the Psalms 
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A/A  Introduction to Catholicism
A/C Philosophy for Understanding Theology
1/B Fundamental Theology
2/A The Church: A Study in Ecclesiology 
2/B Christology 
2/C Sacramental Theology
3/A Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue 

1/C Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology 
3/B The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church
4/B Catholic Medical Morality and Ministry 

A/B The Call, Mission and Spirituality of the Permanent Deacon 
A/CPastoral Ministry to the Hispanic / Latino Community (1)
1/A Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling 
1/C Supervised Pastoral Ministry (Years 1, 2, 3)  
3/C Canon Law 
3/C The Spiritual Life: The Practice of Discernment in Prayer
4/B Introduction to Grief Counseling and Ministry
4/C Best Practices for Pastoral Administrators and Directors
4/C Elective: Holy Land Pilmigrage: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus and ‘The Seven’ 
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1/B Church History 
3/A Second Vatican Council: History, Vision, and Documents
4/A Patristics: An Introduction to the Church Fathers
4/C History of the Church in the United States 

2/B Introduction to Homiletics and Exegesis
3/B Intermediate Homiletics: Preaching the Lectionary
4/C The Bible and Preaching (Espanõl)
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