MP630ME JDI Summer Pro Seminar

JDI Summer Pro-seminar (1 credit)

Registrants in the 1-credit pro-seminar gain access to the presentations and discussions of the whole seminar, but are not expected to prepare or present their own research. They will receive the reading lists and preparatory materials for each presentation and will be invited to join the live sessions of the seminar.

Each Summer the MAPS program presents an extended seminar on diaconal ministry featuring speakers whose experience and knowledge have helped to shape the permanent diaconate in the United States. This MAPS program requires the 2-credit pro-seminar workshop for students in the MAPS program, but JDI students may participate in the 1-credit pro-seminar as respondents for a reduced fee.

The Summer Pro-seminar 2022 (MP630ME)

The Summer Pro-seminar for 2022, Giving their lives in love: Pastoral approaches in a post-Christendom culture, explores the framework and implications of Msgr. James Shea’s influential book From Christendom to Apostolic Mission (2020). Central to this book and to the variety of ideas surrounding it is the proposition that we live in a Post-Christendom age, that is, an age without the institutions, culture, and imagination that supported Christians throughout much of the history of the Church. During this seminar, students will explore the pastoral possibilities that emerge from the current relationship between the Church and society.

The Summer Pro-seminar will once again be held online in four evening sessions. Each session will feature a principle speaker, discussions of contemporary research into the diaconate, and presentations from our students in the MAPS program. Registration in the full two-credit pro-seminar workshop includes the preparation of readings and responses as well as active participation in discussions.

Again this year, we are able to offer a one-credit registration for those students who would like to join the pro-seminar without the expectation of presenting research or taking an active part in live discussion.

The Summer Pro-seminar will take place on the following evenings - Monday, July 18 | Thursday, July 21 | Monday, July 25 | Thursday, July 28 (7:00 p.m. - 9:40 p.m. EDT).

Please see (MP730ME) for more details.