Subscriptions are available for one or two years in the following categories:
United States
Library (see details below)
Group (see details below)

The price of an annual subscription is as follows:

Subscription (Print subscriptions include digital access)One yearTwo Years
Digital Subscription Only$20.00$35.00
The United States and Canada$29.00$54.00
Library – The United States and Canada$35.00$65.00
Library – International$40.00$75.00
Single Issue – $15 plus $2 shipping

When selecting your subscription, please make sure the select the US, Canada, or International links to view the proper forms.

Library Copies:

Library copies are delivered in a sealed envelope to protect the journal in transit. A one-year subscription for a library copy is $30.00 and a two-year subscription is $55.00  Outside of North America (the USA and Canada) the one-year price is $35.00 and the two-year price is $60.00. 

Group Subscriptions

Please Click the download button for an offline order form that includes pricing information for group subscriptions with discounts for more than 25 subscribers. 

One Year1-25 copies> 25 copies
North America2926
Two Years1-25 copies> 25 copies
North America5450

Directors who wish to enter a group subscription should prepare an Excel file with the following nine columns:
1. Title (Deacon, Father, Bishop, Mr., etc.),
2. First name
3. Last name
4. Generation, if applicable, e.g., Jr., Sr.
5. Number and street to which the JDR should be mailed
6. City
7. State
8. Zip
9. email address

Please email the file to Deacon Michael Berstene,