DO630CE Sacramental Theology

This course presents an overview of the sacraments study of the Roman Catholic Church. We will examine the scriptural foundations, the history and development, the rite, the sacramental signs, and the theology of each of the seven sacraments. There will be a distinct focus on how deacons can prepare others to receive the sacraments via catechesis, formation, and evangelization.

Course Syllabus

Course Goals

  • To outline the scriptural foundations, the historical development, and the theology of each of the seven sacraments
  • To highlight the liturgical rite and to explain the significance of the sacramental signs of each of the sacraments
  • To identify and to use liturgical principles, ecclesial documents, and the liturgical rites of the sacraments to explain, to celebrate, and to participate the sacraments well
  • To prepare diaconal candidates and lay students to understand how to prepare others to receive the sacraments via RCIA and other forms of sacramental preparation/catechesis
  • To emphasize the liturgical rites of Baptism and Marriage as sacraments that will be celebrated by deacon

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the development, the theology, and the significance of the liturgy and the sacramental rites of the Church
  • Explain each of the sacraments via catechesis and sacramental formation
  • Appraise their own engagement in living the sacraments
  • Discuss the relationship between sacraments and evangelization
  • Articulate a theology of the diaconate and a theology of marriage


Required Texts

Students should purchase the following books for the course:

  • Randy Stice, Understanding the Sacraments of Initiation: A Rite-Based Approach. Liturgy Training Publications, 2017.
  • Randy Stice, Understanding the Sacraments of Vocation: A Rite-Based Approach. Liturgical Training Publication, 2016.
  • Jacob W. Wood, Do This in Remembrance: An Introduction to the Sacraments. Edited by Emily Simpson Chapman. Emmaus Road, 2019.

Resources (optional)


Module Topic and Objectives
Module  1 Introduction to Sacraments and Sacramentality
Module 2 Liturgy and Mystagogy
Module 3 Baptism
Module 4 Confirmation
Module 5 Holy Eucharist
Module 6 Eucharist (continued)
Module 7 Reconciliation 
Module 8 Anointing of the Sick
Module 9 Matrimony
Module  10 Matrimony (continued)
Module  11 Holy Orders
Module 12 Sacraments, Mission, and New Evangelization