MO820CE Catholic Medical Morality and Ministry

As a deacon (or a person in Church ministry), you will be asked to help parishioners grapple with emotionally charged medical issues.  This course will present fundamental Church principles relating to ethics and medical ethics that will assist you in these discussions.

Course Focus

This course studies the theology of the human body, personhood, and human dignity in protecting life from beginning to end and in treating illness.

This course will be of particular interest to deacons and their colleagues in ministry who are involved in hospital, nursing home, ministry to the aging, or other similar settings.

Included Topics

The following topics have been chosen for this course since they are the most difficult topics in the ministry of medical and health care.  They include:

  • General Principles of Ethics and Medical Ethics
  • Pregnancy and Delivery
  • The Marital Covenant as the Foundation of Human Existence
  • Moral and Immoral Surgery
  • Artificial and Assisted Reproduction
  • Experimentation on Human Subjects
  • Embryonic Life
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
  • Contraception
  • Obligations to Preserve Life of the Sick and Dying
  • Questions on Sexual Issues
  • Material Cooperation

Course Components

This course draws from the disciplines of

  • Pastoral Theology
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Moral Theology
  • Biomedical Ethics

to emphasize the critical importance of ministering to the faithful as they seek to live moral and ethical lives.

MO720CE The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) may well be the Church’s “best kept secret.” CST is rich in political insight. Yet, Catholics in recent years have had considerable difficulty reconciling their faith, including the explicit teachings of CST, with the political choices offered in American politics. This course introduces Catholic Social Teaching, its place within Catholic doctrine, and its response to contemporary challenges of society, politics, and economy. It also considers Catholic Social Teaching’s relation to contemporary American ideologies. The course is designed as a core intellectual component of deacon formation. However, any deacon candidate, deacon, or colleague in ministry may find this course useful for ongoing formation in Catholic teaching.

Course Goals:

  • To gain greater insight into the social teaching of the Roman Catholic Church
  • To be able to contextualize Catholic Social Teaching (CST)in the evangelical mission of the Church
  • To develop the skills to reconsider contemporary social issues in light of CST
  • To deepen the capacity to present the CST in a manner that is inviting, challenging, and true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To more adequately integrate CST into responsible missionary discipleship and spirituality

MO530CE Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology

An introduction to Catholic moral teaching including natural law; character, virtue, acts and object of acts; scriptural basis for moral teaching; an introduction to Veritatis splendor and Magisterial teaching.